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Mused: Moving Through the Blues
Mused_Paige Geffen_Object & Us

The blues.  I've had a case of them for a few weeks, and I've taken comfort in seeing these moody hues all around.  Regardless of blue being “in” right now, it’s encouraging to be propelled by a color, especially when the color visually represents how I’m feeling inside.  Yet this representation hasn't been enough to get me out of the funk.  My wonderful friend and Ayurvedic practitioner, Meredith, always has beautiful insight into how I’m feeling regarding my doshas (I’m tri-doshic) and the seasons.  My kapha is abnormally out of balance due to some outside health ailments, but we are also currently in kapha season.  I’ve been feeling all kinds of heavy, slow, sluggish, cloudy, and stuck.  Meredith recommended dancing for 20 minutes a day to get all of this stale energy moving.  The first time I implemented my new “treatment” (the following day), I broke into tears about three songs into my crazy-amazing-solo-dance-party.  Why?  I realized that I hadn’t been experiencing much joy in my life at all…for a while.  I was so struck by how much lighter I felt, that my body naturally was ready to release some of the mucky, stagnant energy.  

Here are some beautiful objects for you to embrace the blues, as well as a playlist to get you moving through them.  We can support times of sadness, depression, and staleness, while we simultaneously acknowledge that it’s okay to be blue, and it’s also okay to move through the blues.  Meredith specifically suggested that I listen to metal and rap, as these are the genres that counter kapha the most, but this playlist is a little more my style (and still helps me counter that kapha).  Whether you're rocking out to Parquet Courts or getting down to Marvin Gaye, there's something for everyone.  I hope you laugh at the Datarock song as much as I do :).  Enjoy!

A Personal Uniform launches garments twice a year with editions of 15-20 items.  All garments are crafted from high quality material and produced in-house in their Bankok studio.  Simple in practice yet incredibly inspiring and interesting in concept, their pieces are quite stunning and captivating while still being wearable.  I’m drooling over their entire collection, including this navy wrap-dress.

You may already know how much I love Rachel Saunders Ceramics from my previous post about her work.  This love only keeps getting stronger with each new piece she releases.  This periwinkle vase has been giving me all kinds of feels.  Shop her pieces here.  

I recently discovered Ajaie Alaie, and I’m in love with the motivation and inspiration behind their clothing.  Here’s a statement from their website:  "Ajaie Alaie is all about mindfulness and reminding women to be mindful with their daily thoughts and actions. Each garment has an amulet on the inside of the garment at a specific energy point (a chakra), represented by a design detail, a knot, twist, dart etc... We believe keeping these energy points balanced is instrumental for our well-being and success. Each garment is reminding us to feel proud of our accomplishments, to love unconditionally, feel secure, grounded, and feel safe...Ajaie Alaie’s woman is aware of her surroundings, of world issues and is in constant strive to be a better version of herself. Ajaie Alaie's woman is in constant motion, flow, and always looking to broaden her perspectives."  This is perhaps the most beautiful description for a clothing line I've ever read.  I am in awe of the attention to detail, thoughtfulness, and spirituality woven into their garments and philosophy.   They are also extremely sustainable, ethical, and conscious - I encourage you to read about their fabrics and process because all brands should strive for this much consideration for the environment.  You can browse these powder blue beauties and the rest of their pieces here.  

I was scrolling through By Far’s collection, deciding which pair I would get once I could pull the trigger, and I immediately felt self-betrayal coming on for my typical gravitation towards neutral colored shoes.  These stopped me in my tracks.  The color on this shape is stunning.  Please buy them so I can google over your feet.  Made out of premium Italian materials, all of their shoes are handmade in a family-owned factory in Bulgaria  They now make a third of their collection from dead-stock leather.  YES to sustainable fashion.  I own a pair of their boots, and they are incredible chic (of course), comfortable, and easily blend into my everyday style.

Paloma Wool is always coming out with items that feel fresh, interesting, and wearable.  This blue backpack is no different.  It will add the perfect pop of color to any outfit, and it’s small enough to easily carry around while still being roomy enough to fit everyday necessities.  This bag is 100% leather and made in Barcelona (the brand’s home).  

I have always loved wearing socks with heels.  A college roommate of mine once told me she just didn't "get" the look, but that didn't stop me from wearing them to preppy parties.  I'm seeing them a lot more (and not just with casual sneakers), and I am particularly loving the delicate style of these sheer Darner ones.  I have a pair in white, and they give any outfit flair (sexy flair in my opinion).  These blue mesh socks remind me of the sky - they're super dreamy.  Browse Darner's instagram here.

I'm a sucker for anything linen.  I wear it.  I sleep in it.  I would bathe in it if I could.  This 100% linen table cloth is made by IN BED, a conscious, Sydney based bedding (and extras) company.  Their linen is grown and harvested in France and then transferred to their family-run factory in Shenzhen China.  As an ethical brand, they also use natural, reusable, or recyclable fabrics to package their products in.  Browse the rest of their beautifully simple products here.

Cienne's instagram tagline is "Deliberately discerning (practically poetic)."  I feel like I can stop writing now, as this is such a beautiful description of their brand and also of how I like to dress and live.  Their collections are designed by Nicole Heim and Chelsea Healy and made in New York.  Their mission is based on three pillars - empowering people, producing responsibly, and elevating & preserving craftsmanship.  They source natural and sustainable fibers from global communities and employ craftspeople in developing countries.  This doesn't stop them from creating high-end, editorial worthy, and gorgeous clothing.  The texture of this blazer is incredible and the fit is impeccable.  Shop their current collection here.  

Don't forget to listen to and DANCE along with the playlist. 

Mused: Winter Whites (& Lights)
Mused_Winter Whites + Lights.jpg

I love warm, creamy white tones, but I don't forego this color palette in the winter.  I embrace it.  Perhaps because I live in Los Angeles, and we don't get snow here.  Whatever the reason, the items pictured above are soothing and cozy for the colder months.  For those of you who are afraid to wear white, I added a few light neutrals into the mix.  I am someone who spills and cannot keep things clean, but I always have Dr. Bronner's with me, and it works wonderfully for getting rid of stains.  Browse all items below while listening to this dreamy playlist.

Pansy is my favorite underwear brand.  I don't wear underwire bras for health and comfort reasons, but I would live in Pansy regardless.  Their pieces are soft (visually and to the touch) and beautiful.  All of their products are made ethically of organic cotton.  You can purchase this set or others here.

This rug from Faire Studio looks like the coziest place to meditate, practice breathwork on, or simply walk across.  I love the texture and pattern, and if you're looking for something even simpler, they offer a pattern-free version.  Their rugs and pillows are sustainably made with recycled materials - designed in Paris and woven in the Iberian mountains.

If I could only own one item of clothing, I would get rid of everything but my Kamm Pants (I realize I'd then be topless, so I'd have to keep a Pansy bra as well).  Kamm pants are my absolute favorite staple in my wardrobe.  Yes, they are an investment, but they will last, and you will wear them multiple times per week (I live in mine).  They are classic and chic, and you can wear them casually with sneakers or dress them up with heels (also to mention, they're incredibly comfortable and durable).  I am loving this style (the Ranger) for the colder months, when I want my legs to be protected.  If you're apprehensive to wear a true white but want the same look, here they are in naturalJesse Kamm designs her collections here in Los Angeles, where the clothing is also produced.  

Lite + Cycle is a beautiful company that creates fragrances for the home and body made of therapeutic-grade essential oils.  They also donate a portion of every sale to charities that help bring solar-power light to communities around the world in need of electricity.  Their candles are designed with so much attention to detail - purchase here.

I love small bags that feel like second skin.  Especially this one,  because it ties around the waist -  it will stay with you.  Are Studio bags are designed and hand-made in Los Angeles.  Here is the Disc photographed by Alexis Nelly.  

Leaves and Flowers creates handcrafted herbal infusions and premium small batch teas.  I've been drinking their sleep tea all winter.  I steep it with my tea infuser before bed every evening.  Not only is it potent, but it's also beautiful and fragrant - it's smooth, warming, and minty.  You can purchase it here.

You may already have picked up that I love ceramics.  Anything with an earthy texture will get me.  The Terra Surface mount from Cedar and Moss is no exception.  It lived in the kitchen of my last home, and I miss it dearly.  It comes in many colors, but my main crush is for the "bone" finish.

Tune in here.

Nourished: Warmth of Winter
Warmth of Winter_01_Maison Louis Marie
Warmth of Winter_02_Maison Louis Marie
Warmth of Winter_03_Maison Louis Marie

Regardless of the outdoor temperatures, winter is a season of warmth.  Of coziness.  Of self care.  Of going within.  It’s the time of year where I feel the most inclined to stay inside, rest, recuperate, reflect - in order to learn from the past and set intentions for moving forward.  Pictured above are some objects keeping me cozy, grounded, cared for, and a tad indulged.  Sometimes when staying in I get too antsy and restless if I completely let myself go.  So while I may be hanging in my underwear and rocking bedhead, I like to treat myself with yummy scents, soft fabrics, and fresh florals.  Living with intention doesn’t always have to hold deep meaning.  It can be incredibly simple, such as small acts of nourishment for healing or joy. 

This lovely Maison Louis Marie role-on was a holiday gift, and its scent is soothing and soft yet slightly invigorating.  It has been a comforting scent to wear at home, while still giving me that boost to commit to self work and self care.  

My new (but old - vintage) jacket has been truly keeping me warm and cozy.  It is incredibly soft and comfortable.  I got it from one of my favorite stores in LA - Passenger.

This brush has been keeping my dry skin at bay.  I use it before showering, and it’s a small but worthy act for my sensitive skin.  It’s an easy way to detoxify and turnover new skin cells.

These beauties really have nothing to do with grounding and staying cozy, but I’ve been delighted to see them in my home.  They are a lovely winter white, and I have them on hand for when I absolutely have to leave my little cottage to be apart of the world (I am truly embracing hibernating/going within).  Along with this sweet and simple ring.

You can find more of my favorite items here, and I'll be adding more soon.

Ethical Essentials with Everlane
Ethical Essentials with Everlane_01
Ethical Essentials with Everlane_05
Ethical Essentials with Everlane_02

“Our way: Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical Transparency."  You can find this quote on Everlane’s website, and it’s damn true.  Everlane’s products are incredibly well-made in eco-conscious and ethical factories.  They even reveal their cost per item, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.  

For Black Friday, rather than having a sale (Everlane’s items are already on a “sale” price model), they encouraged shoppers to still purchase, but for a greater purpose.  The profits went to their denim factory in Vietman, Saitex, in order to provide clean, healthy meals to its workers.  They partnered with Freight Farms, which basically creates hydroponic farms in shipping containers (read more here), in order to execute the mission.  THAT is an incredible gift to our earth and its people for the holiday season.

I not only believe in this model, I also champion it.  I’ve given up fast fashion for good.  No more Zara.  No more cheaply made crap just so that I can enjoy a fleeting trend for one season, while many other people (and the environment) suffer in the process.  I’ve been implementing this for over a year and a half, and I haven’t looked back.

This year for the holiday season, I’m not caving into the massive holiday sales.  Why?  Because I will end up buying things I don’t need.  I am not straying you away from getting those incredible timeless boots that are half-off - that saves you money on a major staple.  But I do suggest to not shop on a whim, even if it means “scoring” things on sale.  I spend more money on individual items and end up spending less money overall.  How?  Because the items I purchase last, and therefore I need less.  Since I’m fulfilling my truest wants by only acquiring what I absolutely love, I don’t feel the constant need to consume more.  I’m only human, and of course I want things, but this want is quieter than my ethical philosophy.  

Here is Everlane’s philosophy:  “At Everlane, we’re not big on trends. We want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come. That’s why we source the finest materials and factories for our timeless products— like our Grade-A cashmere sweaters, Italian shoes, and Peruvian Pima tees.”

Pictured above, I’m wearing this cashmere sweater, and these gorgeous Italian shoes - paired with vintage Levi's and a vintage blazer.

You can transform your lifestyle by changing your relationship to your things - your home items, your wardrobe, or both.  We have relationships with our objects, whether we are aware of this or not.  If you need help implementing this philosophy or a philosophy that works for you into your life, feel free to inquire about a session.  A friend of mine calls it “object therapy,” yet it’s ultimately about strengthening your relationship to yourself.   Spots are limited.