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Nourished: Warmth of Winter
Warmth of Winter_01_Maison Louis Marie
Warmth of Winter_02_Maison Louis Marie
Warmth of Winter_03_Maison Louis Marie

Regardless of the outdoor temperatures, winter is a season of warmth.  Of coziness.  Of self care.  Of going within.  It’s the time of year where I feel the most inclined to stay inside, rest, recuperate, reflect - in order to learn from the past and set intentions for moving forward.  Pictured above are some objects keeping me cozy, grounded, cared for, and a tad indulged.  Sometimes when staying in I get too antsy and restless if I completely let myself go.  So while I may be hanging in my underwear and rocking bedhead, I like to treat myself with yummy scents, soft fabrics, and fresh florals.  Living with intention doesn’t always have to hold deep meaning.  It can be incredibly simple, such as small acts of nourishment for healing or joy. 

This lovely Maison Louis Marie role-on was a holiday gift, and its scent is soothing and soft yet slightly invigorating.  It has been a comforting scent to wear at home, while still giving me that boost to commit to self work and self care.  

My new (but old - vintage) jacket has been truly keeping me warm and cozy.  It is incredibly soft and comfortable.  I got it from one of my favorite stores in LA - Passenger.

This brush has been keeping my dry skin at bay.  I use it before showering, and it’s a small but worthy act for my sensitive skin.  It’s an easy way to detoxify and turnover new skin cells.

These beauties really have nothing to do with grounding and staying cozy, but I’ve been delighted to see them in my home.  They are a lovely winter white, and I have them on hand for when I absolutely have to leave my little cottage to be apart of the world (I am truly embracing hibernating/going within).  Along with this sweet and simple ring.

You can find more of my favorite items here, and I'll be adding more soon.