Work with Paige 

one-on-one sessions

Paige Geffen_Object and Us_Sessions

Object & Us sessions help us to find home within ourselves, rather than through our environment. I look at the human relationship to objects and space to see where you may be projecting and/or seeking identity through your external world.  We then work together to strip these constructs in order to find a stronger sense of self from within.  We shift our relationships with objects from looking to them as symbols, and instead as our tools.  They become the vessels in which we connect to ourselves, in order to live with more mindfulness and intention.

Our objects can either take us further away from ourselves or they can bring us closer to who we truly are.  They either create separation or connection.  Learn to strengthen your connection to your objects, and in turn, to yourself. 

The sessions include homework that will help you to carry these concepts out into your everyday life through personalized exercises and rituals.

Prior to your session, you will be required to fill out a questionnaire, in order for me to better serve you. The questionnaire will be due 48 hours before to the session so that I can review it. Please give yourself enough time when booking a date to fit this into your schedule. Once you book, you’ll receive an email with further details and instructions. If you do not see a time that works within your schedule, feel free to email me so that I can accommodate you:

* Sessions are final sale.  Refunds will not be permitted.