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In Process: A Poem
in process_Paige Geffen_Object and Us

It is with my cup of tea that I take an inward breath before exhaling

It is while pouring the hot water that I experience the welcomed warmth of steam enveloping my face

It is how putting pen to paper transforms stagnation into fluidity.  

Our objects help us to be in process

They allow us to work with our hands

To find beauty in the mundane and meditation in the minutia.  

Our objects enable us to touch, to feel, to be in our bodies

The sensual experience of sliding a ring against the soft skin of a finger, 

of intertwining legs in warm linen sheets, 

of touching lips to the smooth ceramic surface of a mug

This is in process.

In process there are no shoulds or should nots

only inhales and exhales

even through the hardships

the heartbreaks

the messiness

the misunderstandings

In process there is breath

and therefore, breadth.

In process we experience

the small moments that teach us 

the presence of being alive 

and being alive does not always feel the way we want it to 

as it can be heart wrenching, unkind, gruesome, and painful

but in the presence of whatever arises, we come back to the essence of truth -

Objects are inanimate without us

home is inherently within us 

bring them inward 

to guide yourself home 

as even here, you are

in process.

Ethical Essentials with Everlane
Ethical Essentials with Everlane_01
Ethical Essentials with Everlane_05
Ethical Essentials with Everlane_02

“Our way: Exceptional quality. Ethical factories. Radical Transparency."  You can find this quote on Everlane’s website, and it’s damn true.  Everlane’s products are incredibly well-made in eco-conscious and ethical factories.  They even reveal their cost per item, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.  

For Black Friday, rather than having a sale (Everlane’s items are already on a “sale” price model), they encouraged shoppers to still purchase, but for a greater purpose.  The profits went to their denim factory in Vietman, Saitex, in order to provide clean, healthy meals to its workers.  They partnered with Freight Farms, which basically creates hydroponic farms in shipping containers (read more here), in order to execute the mission.  THAT is an incredible gift to our earth and its people for the holiday season.

I not only believe in this model, I also champion it.  I’ve given up fast fashion for good.  No more Zara.  No more cheaply made crap just so that I can enjoy a fleeting trend for one season, while many other people (and the environment) suffer in the process.  I’ve been implementing this for over a year and a half, and I haven’t looked back.

This year for the holiday season, I’m not caving into the massive holiday sales.  Why?  Because I will end up buying things I don’t need.  I am not straying you away from getting those incredible timeless boots that are half-off - that saves you money on a major staple.  But I do suggest to not shop on a whim, even if it means “scoring” things on sale.  I spend more money on individual items and end up spending less money overall.  How?  Because the items I purchase last, and therefore I need less.  Since I’m fulfilling my truest wants by only acquiring what I absolutely love, I don’t feel the constant need to consume more.  I’m only human, and of course I want things, but this want is quieter than my ethical philosophy.  

Here is Everlane’s philosophy:  “At Everlane, we’re not big on trends. We want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come. That’s why we source the finest materials and factories for our timeless products— like our Grade-A cashmere sweaters, Italian shoes, and Peruvian Pima tees.”

Pictured above, I’m wearing this cashmere sweater, and these gorgeous Italian shoes - paired with vintage Levi's and a vintage blazer.

You can transform your lifestyle by changing your relationship to your things - your home items, your wardrobe, or both.  We have relationships with our objects, whether we are aware of this or not.  If you need help implementing this philosophy or a philosophy that works for you into your life, feel free to inquire about a session.  A friend of mine calls it “object therapy,” yet it’s ultimately about strengthening your relationship to yourself.   Spots are limited.