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Mused: Spring Awakening
Mused Spring Awakening_Paige Geffen_Object and Us

Spring came quickly this year.  Not early, but it seemed to come suddenly.  My eyes are itchy, which means things are in bloom.  I feel ready to be out in the world again -  to learn and to explore.  Here are some of my favorite items for this season with a playlist to go along.

Girlfriend Collective makes their leggings and activewear out of recycled water bottles.  The coolest part (other than saving the planet) is that their products are so soft and durable.  You can read more about their process and mission here, and browse through their goods here.

This pillow is by Brooklyn based company, Afternoonswim.  All products are ethically hand-crafted with natural fiber materials by the founder, Hanna.  Her pillows are beautiful, and she is set to launch rugs and artwork in the near future - I can't wait to see!  You can purchase the pillow shown above and browse other items on the site.

I am so in love with this bracelet by Alexa de la Cruz, as well as all of the pieces in her collection.  The jewelry is handcrafted in Mexico City by local artisans.  I have also had the pleasure of getting to know her through Instagram, and she is such a warm, kind, and lovely soul.  Shop her stunning, unique pieces here.  You will also love her personal Instagram, showcasing her impeccable taste, beautiful home, and journey with motherhood.

As you may already know, I love St. Agni, a Byron Bay based ethical and sustainable company.  I own these sandals, and I started wearing them as soon as temperatures rose in Los Angeles.  When not barefoot (I often am), I've been living in these - they are incredibly comfortable.  I love pairing them with both pants and dresses.  I also suggest browsing though their beautiful clothing.

The Bodysuit of Barcelona makes the most beautiful, simple bodysuits.  I have yet to own one, but I gush over their products every time they post on Instagram.  I love their photography and the way they capture the women wearing their clothing - they embrace the female form effortlessly.  You can browse their products here.

I have been wearing my 1930's bandana by Ozma of California nearly every day, so it felt necessary to include in this month's mused post.  They are 100% silk and hand-dyed and printed locally in Los Angeles.  All of Ozma of California's items are ethically made in Los Angeles - check out their beautiful clothing here.  

I recently posted about F. Miller Skincare, and I still can't get enough of these luscious products.  Here is a note from their website:  "F. MILLER is entirely free of synthetic fragrances and colourings, harmful preservatives, sulphates, parabens, pthalates, PEG's and SLS's.  All products are formulated from the finest raw, nutrient-rich ingredients which are consciously sourced and cruelty-free."  This body oil feels especially appropriate for spring, with sweet almond oil, neroli, bergamot, and grapefruit - it's as refreshing as it is soothing.  I'm currently in the desert and slathering this on after every shower to keep my skin moisturized and happy.

Listen here.

Nourished: F. Miller Skincare
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare_01
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare_04
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare_07
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare_13
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare_09
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare_08
Paige Geffen x F. Miller Skincare_10

For someone who is obsessed with skincare, my routine is extremely simple.  I have only a few great products in my rotation.  In the morning, I cleanse with Pai's cleanser, followed by an oil of my liking, then Ursa Major of VT sunscreen.  In the evening I do the same sans the sunscreen - that’s it.  I will occasionally add in a serum or an extra oil, and I do a mask once a week.  My skin loves simplicity and has been so much calmer since I stripped down my routine.  I still get breakouts, but they’re usually less severe, and when I do get them, I just allow my skin to be where it wants to be.  

I recently started to use F. Miller Skincare products, and I am in love with everything I’ve tried so far.  I’ve been using the face oil day and night, and my skin loves it.  My skin has been less red/irritated and very hydrated and dewy (without being greasy).  I’ve also noticed a reduction of the small comedones I get on my chin and forehead.  It doubles as a beautiful essential oil blend to inhale before applying - with neroli, jasmine, frankincense, and bergamot.  These are some of my favorite essential oils, and they smell so delicious together.  

I’ve also been using the eye treatment oil.  I especially love the stainless steel roller - it’s incredibly cooling and refreshing to the touch.  The skin around my eyes is easily irritated, and I often get eczema on my eyelids, which is why I can only use select oils/creams on my face.  Typically, when I try something new, it’s an immediate no.  This product is so gentle, and it has the opposite effect - it’s calming, and it reduces my puffiness in the morning.  I'm completely in love! 

The body oil is so yummy and luxurious.  I’ve been using it after every shower, and it soaks easily into damp skin.  Try it.  You'll love it.

I’ve never used hair oil, and I have no idea why because I have very coarse, frizzy hair.  This hair oil does not make my hair greasy at all, and calms my frizz.  I use it on both my naturally-dried and blow-dried hair.

Not only is this line ton-toxic and cruelty-free, it's also independently owned by an incredible woman, Fran.  I had the pleasure of meeting her recently, and she's amazing.  If you try any of these products, your skin and hair will thank her.

Mused: Conscious Holiday Gift Guide
Mused_Conscious Holiday Gift Guide.png

When shopping this holiday season, whether for yourself or others, I highly suggest shopping consciously.  What does this mean exactly?  To me, it means shopping sustainably and/or from independent designers/storeowners.  I’ve put together some beautiful products for you to peruse, along with a "not-so-holiday" playlist because there's more than enough holiday music going around.  Listen here.

The last time I saw my friend Meredith, she was wearing a pair of the most incredible velvet socks.  They’re by Simone Wild and made in Germany.  I instantly fell in love.  I wanted to pet them, yet simultaneously steal them off of her feet.  I’m obsessed!  I love that they add not only holiday spirit to any outfit, but also coziness and warmth.  I’m about to buy myself a pair.   You should too - purchase here

Figs Underwear recently launched with a beautiful collection of undergarments, objects, and loungewear - all to encourage women feel sensual and confident in their bodies.  I am crushing hard on everything, especially on this stunning olive robe.  Their products are made here in Los Angeles.

Linen is my favorite fabric.  I wear it and sleep in it.  If I could, I would build myself a hut made of it.  I love its imperfections - its rich yet worn texture gives it the perfect lived-in feel.  If you can’t already tell, I love things that are slightly undone (perhaps because I am always striving to forego my perfectionism).  Linen allows me to be a little messy.  It’s also made of natural fibers, which makes it a sustainable fabric and a great choice for environmentally sensitive beings (ehem me).  Deiji Studios is a bedding and loungewear company based in Byron Bay, Australia.  They source their linen from France and stonewash it for ultra softness.  Their linen is environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic.  I love this striped sheet set for a bit of character. 

My esthetician, Hayley, introduced me to Pai Skincare a couple of years ago, and I have been obsessively using their products since.  This mask is the most luscious, healing, and yummy mask I’ve ever used.  It leaves my skin feeling soft and looking radiant.  It’s incredibly hydrating and calming, which is perfect for skin after being exposed to the cool, dry air of winter.  You can purchase it here.  All of Pai’s ingredients/products are sustainably sourced and ethically made, and free from parabens, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, petrochemicals, detergents, and artificial fragrance.  

I met Agnes Baddoo this past weekend at the Echo Park Craft Fair, and I fell in love with her bags as well as her warm personality.  Her bags are made of leather and will age beautifully with wear and use.  She’s based locally in Los Angeles.  Shop her collection here.  

Sheldon Ceramics is a pottery studio in Los Angeles, and all of their pieces feel so earthy and warm.  They hand-make every piece and formulate all of their glazes from scratch.  I absolutely love their Farmhouse Spice Jar.  It’s petite and rustic, and I want one to house every one of my individual spices!  

This beret is tres chic.  Need I say more?  I don’t need to, but I will tell you where to get this baby and what it’s made of.  It’s 100% wool with an elastic band inside for extra comfort.  Clyde is a New York City based company, and their products are handmade in a small factory in New York State.  I’ve tried on and touched their hats in person, and they have a certain finesse to them that I find are missing from other brands - they are truly special.

Nourished: Healthy Skin x Ursa Major of VT
Skincare_Ursa Major of VT_01
Skincare_Ursa Major of VT_02
Skincare_Ursa Major of VT_04
Skincare_Ursa Major of VT_03
Skincare_Ursa Major of VT_05

I love skin products.  Well, not all skin products.  But I love how we can nourish our largest organ in a healthy, sustainable way by choosing products mindfully.  Ursa Major of Vermont has a beautiful, natural/cruelty-free line of skincare, and I’ve been adding the products pictured above into my routine (with fantastic results).  

The Morning Mojo Bar Soap is refreshing and invigorating, yet soft enough for my eczema-prone skin.  It also gently exfoliates, which is so necessary for my skin with the dry Southern California air I live in.  

Their Force Field Daily Defense Lotion with SPF 18 is my absolute favorite face sunscreen.  It’s incredibly lightweight.  I use this every morning after cleansing and putting on oils, prior to my makeup or any extra moisturizers.  

Another lovely moisturizer is the Golden Hour Recovery Cream.  It's very soothing, calming, and hydrating.  It’s my go-to “anti-aging” product because it also firms the skin.  It smells lovely with notes of sandalwood, neroli, and a hint of rose.  

My absolute favorite product of theirs is the Vitamin C Serum.  It brightens, evens skin tone, firms, and lightly hydrates.  It’s the perfect summer serum, and I used it all season.  I was traveling (read all about it here) all summer getting very little sleep, and this serum was my rescue. 

Another must-have for traveling/being on the go are the Essential Face Wipes.  These remove dirt, grime, and grease so well that the wipes turn tan after using them with no makeup on!  Gross, and also amazing.  Be sure to hydrate after use.