Stripped: Stepping Into Power

Stripped_Stepping Into Power

Powerlessness.  I am powerless over people, places, and things.  Yes.  All I can control is how I respond.  Yes.  I am powerless to the will of the universe, and when I try to control everything, I become too hard, too stiff.  The world around me becomes too small.  

Somewhere along the way I misdirected my own power.  I became so intent on always doing the right thing.  To listening to some outside force.  What does the universe want for me?  Where am I supposed to be?  How is it supposed to be? In doing so, I stifled myself from making any forward movement in my life.  Big decisions became seemingly impossible, and indecision lead to inaction.  I was suffocating in my own idealist righteousness.  

But what about me?  What about what I want?  I forgot to trust my own desire.  I recently had a thought, a deep knowing, that I am conscious enough to follow that desire.   To do what I want.  To trust that I will be held regardless of what decisions I make.  That I can only do my best.  That indecision is more detrimental than making a “wrong decision” because without decision, there are no lessons.  No growth.  Taking risks - when the risk involves acting from our truth - allows us to know ourselves better.

Just like our decisions, our objects can either take us further away from ourselves or they can bring us closer to who we truly are.  They either create separation or connection.  We can give away our power to our objects by purchasing them or using them for the wrong reasons - to look cool, to fill a void, to complete us in some way, etc.  When we misdirect our power, we can veer from our truth in small ways or in big ways.  Are you holding onto something that's no longer serving you?  Perhaps something an ex gave you?  Or a gift from a friend that you really don't like?  Why are you keeping it?  Maybe you don't want to let go of the past, or you don't want to offend a loved one.  Your power (in the examples here) is directed at longing for a different time in your life or at people pleasing.  When you get clarity on these questions, you can start to clear out things that are simply taking up space in your life - physically and energetically.  

You can make simple, small steps to start directing yourself on a clearer path of truth.  Choose items that connect you to your center rather than items that create distance between yourself and your authenticity.  If you're acquiring something new - how will this object serve you?  Will it be apart of a daily ritual (mug for morning tea, incense holder for meditation practice, dish for hand soap)?  Is it to fill an empty shelf?  If so, did you see an picture on Pinterest and hunt for something online in order to re-create the image, or did you happen to stumble upon something unique at a flea market that you felt drawn to?  

With the holiday season here, we are urged to consume through Black Friday sales and through pressure to buy multiple gifts for friends and family members.  Purchasing in a frenzy in order to make quick decisions or to score items on sale is not a mindful practice.  The key is to slow down.  To quiet the needing, so that we can collect, rather than consume.  

I am available for one-on-one sessions to help guide you on this journey.  Learn to strengthen your connection to your objects, and in turn, to yourself.  I have a limited amount of open spots for the remainder of the year.  Book your session here.   Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  


Photograph by Lauren Moore