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Sound Sleep and More Romance in my Bedroom with Joybeds
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Sleep is incredibly important to me, yet I am not very good at it.  I have struggled with insomnia on-and-off since I was 12-years-old.  Over the last seven years, I’ve gotten better at it, but I often do not truly experience deep sleep. When I moved into my current space, which was the first lease I signed after nearly three years of not having a true home, I knew I wanted a healthy and incredibly comfortable mattress.  I ordered an all organic mattress from a reputable company, and after one night of sleeping on it, I woke up covered in hives and short of breath.  The mattress was made partially of latex, which is very common in “healthy" mattresses.  I found out that I happen to be very allergic to latex, and that it’s actually very common to be.  After getting rid of the itchy mattress and sleeping on an air mattress for nearly three weeks, I came across Joybeds.  Their beds are made entirely of cotton and wool, which both break down much faster than other mattress materials such as foam and plastics.  Joybeds reduce waste by using these materials, which are renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable.  You can learn more about Joybeds here, and I encourage you to view their comparison chart, which reveals all of the chemicals in the current mattresses on the market.

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I’ve now been sleeping on my breathable mattress for three months and through the entire summer (it sleeps cool).  I personally don’t like sinking into foam, so I may be biased; however, it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on.  I have the LXC model, which I was concerned about because I generally like my mattresses to be extremely firm.  It took a few days to adjust to, but now I love it.  It's soft yet supportive.

To honor this new healthy sleeping phase of my life, I made my bedroom into a romantic and dreamy escape full of flowers and books because aside from sleeping, I love to daydream on my bed as well. I suggest bringing objects into your bedroom to reimagine the space. Trust your instincts, and allow your senses to guide you. Of course, when sleeping, it’s usually easier for most to have a clean and serene space; however, sometimes we need to allow for creativity and freedom to promote rest. Becoming controlling and sterile can create stagnation, and we want to increase flow instead. Listen to my previous ‘dreamy escape’ mused playlist to inspire you.

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