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Mindful Objects: Designer Spotlight x Rachel Saunders Ceramics
Rachel Saunders Ceramics x Lacy Phillips_02
Rachel Saunders Ceramics x Lacy Phillips_01.jpg
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When I discovered Rachel Saunders on Instagram, I was immediately captivated by not only her work, but also her.  I felt a very real quality from her (yes, through social media) - a vulnerability and an openness along with a nuanced sense of humor.  Her aesthetic is classic, yet refreshing.  There is an ethereal lightness to her ceramics, yet they are made of the earth and therefore feel very grounding.  All of her pieces are handmade and wheel-thrown in her Vancouver Island studio.  I feel very fortunate to have photographed and styled her work in the stunning home of Lacy Phillips.  You can find more of Rachel’s beautiful work here.

When we choose to spend a little more on objects made by independent artists, we are investing in each other.  In connection.  We are also embracing our worthiness - that we deserve something custom and special.  This creates an energy of creativity, interconnectedness, and consciousness.